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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight a minute. . .

I am not the biggest girl. I am not the smallest girl. I am me. I am a mom to two. A lover of sweets. A fanatic of Dr. pepper and I like my In & Out hamburger "monster style". I am the kind of mom who likes to sit and eat cookies with my toddler and enjoy the moment. I am the kind of wife that will order dessert with mr. husband on a date just to have 30 more minutes with him and a dessert with two spoons. I have so many fond memories spent with mr husband as we shared a bowl of ice cream and talked. Although I love sweets and sugary things I do for the most part these days take in what is best for my body with the exception of having "sweet times" and "sweet moments" that are that much sweeter with sweets. My focus is my family and my self worth, not my size or the number on the scale. I strive to exercise for the sake of feeling good and knowing it could lengthen my life here on earth. I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for three straight years and not able to loose more then 5 lbs with my hormones always being CRAZY. I try to show my daughter a healthy way to live and treat your body, in addition to love yourself the way you are.

I am not the same size I was when I met mr. husband but I am not the same on the inside either. Over our 5 years of marriage I have learned to love deeper, be more patient, cook better, give more, appreciate more, live happier, and strengthen myself as a person and I know that is what is most important to him. I will be the first to admit that I have had times where I focused a little too much on my size and it seemed I just got bigger because I was always thinking about it. What a waist of time. I think as long as I am a normal healthy size for my age, height, and the fact I've had two babies that I should be happy. I am happy! I have noticed as I stopped focusing on it and started just focusing on what is best for me and my body that I actually have lost a little weight, and that is without really trying, just changing my focus to what matters and this happiness does wonders. I'm sure you have all heard that being too skinny or too much exercise can result in difficulty with pregnancy. I feel it is our Father in Heavens way to encourage us to be a healthy size and not over do working out like some do or starving yourself for the sake of being thin. And I do understand some girls have other issues that cause this and I am not considering this the same at all.

Sometimes the best thing for me is sitting and enjoying an ice cream cone with my miss priss who will only be two this once. I have noticed as I have stopped worrying about my weight that my cravings for the sweets has lessened and I have been craving salads, veggies and fruits. I know the comfort food was sounding so good because when we think about our weight all the time we will need some comfort, no one is flawless most are nowhere close. I hope if I ever start to get caught up putting too much focus on my weight that I can come back and read this. . . and remember that as I let the issue go that I was happier and that brought me to treat myself better and exercise and eat right and as I am healthy and treating myself right and enjoying life that is all that matters as far as my weight goes. What it comes down to is everything in moderation. Sweets in moderation, exercise in moderation, even carrotts in moderation (have you ever seen the palms of someone who has too many carrotts? they are orange!).I have also come to realize that you can still be beautiful and wonderful even if you have a little more junk in the trunk. It does not make you less of a person nor make anyone better then you if they are thinner. They may be better at choosing healthier food choices (or have a higher motabilism) and you may be a better cook for your husband ( or own a darn good cookbook). And let's not forget. . . our little ones don't want to cuddle up to skin and bones, they like a little padding.

P.S. for a meal idea that is on the healthier side visit jenny and my new blog by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sealed with a kiss

Today started off blissful. I somehow managed to fall asleep last night at 9pm instead of my usual 12 o'clock bedtime. Mr. Husband accidently slept in and so he was here when I woke up. It was nice to see his handsome face to start my day. He left by giving me a kiss. You know one of those kisses that gives you butterflies and makes you want to pounce em'. I started my day thinking about love, marriages in particular. I think how wonderful is it to have someone who is on your team, someone who you can conquer a challenge with, someone to always be there for a warm embrace or a good talk. Someone to cuddle and love on. Someone to pig out with or cry with when hard times come. Someone to share the stress of finances with. Someone to make big decisions with. Someone to make you laugh, or stay up late to watch movies with.Someone to just be there. The smile when you walk through the door. The sense that someone is always there to stand by you. The knowledge that someone loves you for who you are. I am thankful for this husband of mine.

( pictures are of little miss and her future husband )

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where does the time go. . .

As I desperatly wanted to go get a pedicaure to get my toes in sandal wearing condition I realized this just wasn't going to happen anytime soon with how busy we are with these little ones. So I thought what would an optimist do in this situation. . . . I know my kids won't sit while I get a pedi but they do great in a shoping cart so I went and found some shoes to welcome spring and to cover these toes until they get the deserved attention they need. Thank you Target fot these. . .
And these. . . Both under $20 I might add. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Craving something sweet?

Then try my homemade cookie recipe. I promise you won't be disappointed. To see my recipe visit http://www.envymycooking.blogspot.com/. I'm optimistic you will love these cookies as much as I do!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My mother your mother lived across the street. . .

Last week in church as we started the Relief Society meeting one of the older sisters in our ward got up and thanked us for the daughter in laws we are to our mother in laws. She went on to tell about how when ever she travels to visit her sons their wives always give them a day alone just mother and son while the daughter in law tends the kids. I thought about that and how I would never do that. Later I really tought about that and how I would love to still have time with my little boy 30 years from now just the two of us and so I told mr. husband about the idea and he was really excited to get to spend time with just him and his mom. The two of them went out together in the afternoon. I didn't think too much about it and just knew they would have fun but when the two of them got home to see the smiles on their faces just melts my heart still. I could tell it was a good time for them both and I am so glad that Mr. Husband is the man he is and that to this day he still loves and respects his mom and appreciates the wonderful woman she is. I was of course a little reluctant to send him off to play instead of help me but I wish I would have taken more moments with my mom before she passed away and I'm so glad we have my mother in law in our lives and am thankful for the huge part she plays. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new cookbook

Do you make the same meals over and over? Do you feel like most cooking blogs have similar recipes because it is just one person with a certain taste doing all the posting. Want new ideas and to share your own cooking ideas while getting to meet new blogging friends at the same time and bring new friends to your blog? Well look no further. . . http://www.envymycooking.blogspot.com/. Check it out!

A new cookbook

Do you make the same meals over and over? Do you feel like most cooking blogs have similar recipes because it is just one person with a certain taste doing all the posting. Want new ideas and to share your own cooking ideas while getting to meet new blogging friends at the same time and bring new friends to your blog? Well look no further. . .
http://www.envymycooking.blogspot.com/. Check it out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy Loves You. . .

Mommy loves little bits sweet blue eyes, your love for pink and toe nail polish. The excitement you have when you wear a dress because you think you are princess Aurora (sleeping beauty). The passion you have for everything in life. The emotion you show happy or sad. The cuddles you need every day. The way you still want to be held and right by my side. My sweet daughter mommy loves swinging spider style on the swing with you. Laughing by your side. I love always having a little helper in the kitchen and a little mommy to help me with brother. I love how animals are your best friend, You will cuddle and watch a movie with me as long as I will lay by your side. You are so sensitive and rub my cheeks. I love to hear when you wake up in the middle of the night that you call for me for comfort and loves. Mommy loves the person you are becoming. The artist you are on the walls. I love how you stop to smell every flower you see and then encourage me to do the same. I love that you remind me of my mom who I miss so dearly. I love how you twirl your hair to the point your finger gets stuck. I love that you are timid to try new things but I love even more the smile that comes to your face when you are confident enough to try it. Mommy loves the way you run with your arms moving more then your legs. I love that you told me good job mommy when I made you the lunch you asked for. I love that you ask for pancakes every morning dada is home just so you can cook with him. I love that you secretly like to be tickled but get a little mad about it at the same time just like mommy. I love that you give your brother loves and go straight to see him as soon as you wake up.I love you and love that you are my sweet daughter.

Little Brother, my sweet son. I love that you are crawling and exploring the world around you. I love that if I hold you, most of the time your legs are trying to climb up my side. I love that you never sit still and have energy to last for miles. I love those BIG blue eyes that always show happiness and joy. I love that your dad has big plans for the two of you as you grow up.Mommy loves that you are starting to stand and pull yourself up here and there and that you show no fear thus far. I love that you yell at the blender when It is being loud. Mommy adores that your only word is mama and that I am your favorite. I love that you love any and everyone especially other babies. Mommy loves your soft baby skin and little cute bum. Sweet boy I love that your legs are always in the air even if you are sleeping. I love the face you make when you look like an old man without his dentures in. I love that your head is bigger then any other babies your age. I love that you fall asleep every night in my arms and give me some cuddle time. I love that your favorite thing is being tossed in the air. I love that you are all boy, and especially that you are my boy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mommas Boy. . .

My son is probably the easiest baby in the whole wide world. And on top of being the most perfect baby he also is my biggest fan. Don't believe me? Just see for yourself. . . P.S. don't tell mr. husband I shared this with you, it kills him that I'm our sons favorite :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Try Me

Mr. husband,
I am sorry we had a hard time at lunch when both kids were upset and Miss Priss was crying because of tummy pains. I didn't mean to say the D word. . . twice. (quietly I might add, no kids heard, It just slipped out!)It was a long day before I met you for lunch. The Dr. said your daughter should be better soon, and her tummy felt good and soft. Please tell your coworkers wife thank you for watching our son during the appointment. I was able to hold our daughter the whole time and rub her back and sing her lullubys to calm her down. It was just what we both needed as mom and daughter. I was sad you had a late meeting tonight and got home after 9pm but this NEVER happens so I understand this once. You are wecome for having your kids fed,bathed and asleep by the time you got home. I had such a wonderful time with you tonight as we went in the backyard with our big blanket and layed in our chairs looking up at the stars. It was just what we needed after a stessful day where we were not as patient with one another as we wished we were earlier this day. I won't forget this night with the starts shining bright, the train passing in the backround and you by my side. Thanks for inviting me to share your chair with you, being close is always more fun, I'm glad after two kids we can still share a chair even if I did squish your bladder. Thanks for moving us to Tucson especially out in the boonies where we don't have steet lights or excessive lighting due to the observatories, stars don't shine this bright at home home. I love you and hope as hard days come we can handle situations with calmess and work together as I know we can. We need more times like these to bond and refuel for when we are running on empty. Oh I love you so. P.S. I emptied the trash to make up for my trashy language today and teach myself a lesson.
P.P.S. have I ever mentioned how much we love the backyard you helped put together for us to enjoy:) Thanks love.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what's for dinner. . .

Today I was tested. There is a sweet family in our ward who had a baby a few short months ago born with a complication that Dr's are working to correct. This amazing family had their baby in the hospital for the first weeks/months of his life. Now home with the baby and two other kids as I read her blog I am amazed at her outlook on the entire situation and how well she deals with it. Just recently she wrote on her blog about how her son was having an issue where he needed to be held a lot, mainly in an upright position. My heart felt the urge to help as I could only imagine a day with a preschooler, toddler and now a newborn needing to be held all day. I'm sure every mother out there would love to sit and hold their new born all day but we all know how many things are also on our agenda as wives and mothers, especially to three kids. So. I was really excited to at least bring her dinner and do a small part to help. I set up a date, then we got sick. I set up another day and that was today and here is where the story begins. . . .
It was a good day here until dinner time rolled around. I decided to just make her family the same dinner our family was having and half it so it was really no extra work. As soon as I started on dinner my kids went CRAZY. Little miss needed to help, and wanted to watch the bread in the over or stir the sauce. Little man wanted to eat and then be held. Mind you I had to cook this meal anyways for my own family so it would have happened either way but for some reason I felt like it should be going smoothly because I was doing service. I almost felt I was entitled to this dinner being simple and the kids being good since I was helping someone else. Almost as If I thought Heavenly Father owed it to me. I was kinda upset. Then I stopped for a second and gathered myself together and quickly thought how dumb that was of me to even think that. I was wanting to help and excited to help and to be kind and do for someone what I would want done for me and it didn't matter if it was easy or hard. As things wrapped up I loaded the kids and the food and we went on our way. The craziness still was continuing. I even got lost on the way to her house and she is like 5 streets away and I have been there several times. As soon as she opened the door I saw her little guy laying there crying just wanting his momma who had briefly put him down (to answer the door )to come comfort him and I just wanted to cry. I felt the love at that moment that comes from service and only service. I felt so happy that I could help this family in some small way just to let that amazing mom hold that little baby without the stress of getting dinner together that night and right then and there I would gladly go through the times I went through this afternoon to feel that overwhelming joy that service brings to your heart and help someone in need. I even cried on my way home with a sense of happiness that I didn't give up on the opportunity presented. Even though it may have not been all that much to them it was a good lesson for me and for that I am thankful. It is amazing how trials in this life can come our way but we are all here and able to help one another lighten the load in these times. I was happy to return home with dinner made waiting in the oven while we waited for mr. husband to return home and spend peaceful time in the backyard swinging my sweet kids who reminded me today that times are hard but if we endure to the end it is all worth it:) thanks you to the amazing family I am talking about here for the opportunity to serve:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

right click. . .

Today was . . . Busy. No time for pictures. No time to think. Kids needed mom, mom needed husband, day started out rough but ended wonderful. Today I loved reading THIS and thought it was a perfect spoonful of optimism, enjoy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho. . .

It was a rough night last night with us getting over the flu and mr. husband catching wind of it as the night went on. . . . he even stayed home from work but I am happy to say that we are all doing better now and since we all know there is optimism in everything here is the good that came from the bad. . . . We all felt pretty good about 4pm and started getting the house back in shape. Realize that 2 year olds can not make it to a sink or toilet when vomiting, diapers are not snug enough when the matter is too runny (tmi . . . no way you can handle this) and all beds become DIS.CUS.TING. when everyone is sick with bowls by their side and liquids coming out. And so with that being said we had to clean and I mean clean this house. . . I am happy to say the sheets have been washed and beds have been made. . .

The bathrooms have been cloroxed and disinfected as well. . . .
The carpets have been vacuumed and shampooed. . . .
and all floors have been sharked and sterilized. . .

It feels clean and we feel good. And what made it even easier to get all this accomplished tonight was my amazing friend Trish bringing our family a surprise dinner. Thank you Trish with all my heart, you are wonderful and the meal was just what we needed. . . .delish!

Nothing gets a hisband to help deep clean the house like the flu with a two year old and hopes of the 8 month old not catching it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

what goes down must come up. . .

What did this Sunday consist of you ask . . . . Well it started out with these two girls having a horrible stomach flu. . . . And these two boys feeling perfectly fine. . . . And these two girls watching tinkerbell about 15 times and taking multiple showers to rinse off the vomit that was covering us....
It was awful. I woke up feeling so horrible but was the only one Miss priss wanted all day. The two girls slept the day away trying to feel better. I was amazed that once Little miss started getting worse I somehow felt just well enough to help her feel better and that I am grateful for. I am also SO grateful this all happened on a Sunday rather then a Monday where two kids would need me and Mr. husband would not have been home to comfort and take care of our son. Oh my sweet son, how momma missed holding you all day,but you sure had a great time with daddy all to yourself. P.s. next time you have the stomach flu and you are on the up and up try this combination, it is the only thing I ever want when I have the flu . . . Saltines and strawberry Gatorade.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gotta have it. . .

Who is the optimist who took my test and entered their score with the optimism of winning? Well it is Desiree Hunter of course! Please e mail me your adress so I can send you your coldstone giftard. What is the best part about this. . . to go buy the giftcard one must go to coldstone and therefore I know I will be in for a treat real soon! Thanks everyone who played! More quizzes coming soon. . .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like cold stone creamery?

Here is a quick test you can take to see how optimistic you are. Just click HERE. I got a 67. I think the blog is a work in progress. And I also don't have all my trust in science either so I don't think that helped my score. I would love to hear all your scores. Leave a comment with your score and I will reandomly select somone and send you a giftcard to coldstone (my favorite)! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Share the love. . .

Tonight I went on splits with the sister missionaries ( I just went out with the missionaries in our ward to meet with investigators in the church). As we went to a few houses I could not help but go back to a time I didn't belong to THIS church. A time that I thought I knew what true happiness was. As I saw these people listen and feel what I felt when I first knew the church was true it just brought a smile to my face. To know what I know now is such a blessing in my life. If I didn't have this truth and knowledge when my mom passed away I think I would have sunk into the deepest of deep depressions but I didn't because I now know that my Father in Heaven has a plan for me. That there is more to life then worldliness, that He want us to be happy and close to Him and that He sent His Son as our Savior so we could return to be with Him as well as have comfort and peace through Him in this life. I am one who was not raised Mormon or L.D.S. and had different opinions about the church and the people but as soon as I sat with open ears and an open heart I felt something that I could never deny. Everything that was taught made sense and was almost as if it was familiar. I hope if there is ever anyone that has any interest or questions you know you can always contact me by e mail karlaadorespink@gmail.com . I found this out for myself, my family against me and still to this day I can say this was the best decision I have ever made. Thanks for all those who helped and supported me in this journey!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh crap

Today I saw lovely miss priss walking through our downstairs with dog poop stuck to the bottom of her shoe from outside and quickly realized she made a path across my entire downstairs. Not only is this gross but now little man is starting to scoot, wiggle and roll across the floor so the thought of those germs and my wonderful pessimism tells me he will get some baby flesh eating sickness from being on the floor all the time. With this. . . . .
It gives me a sense of peace and optimism placing him on the floor after cleaning with this. It is called the shark cleaner and it cleans and sterilizes any hard sealed floors with steam. I love it because it doesn't use any chemicals, just water and it is so easy to use and it is so quiet so I can use it during nap time plus it sterilizes. I guess her dragging that poop in was good in the sense that it made me give my floor a GOOD cleaning. P.S. they sell these things at costco!

Monday, March 8, 2010

wrap it up. . .

The morning around here is crazy. The afternoon around here is chaos. The evening goes a little somethin' like this.

5pm-call mr.husband, "when will you be home." mr. husband,"I'm hurrying, I will be out of here as soon as I can. I proceed to call him about 10 more times on his way home so see how long until I get to see his handsome face (and get some help from the two little monkeys I like to call my children). Meanwhile I usually have a downstairs of toys to pick- up, diapers that need to be changed, the dish washer just ended so I should unload that and oh yeah dinner needs to be made.

I start dinner, tonight it was hamburgers, I get the lettuce tomato onions cut, start on the mashed potatoes, water is spilling over, I can't quite keep my eye on them when little man is crying and Miss priss is trying to bring into the house a bottle full of dirt and water mush.

530pm-Mr husband walks through the door, quick kiss, hand him our baby and ask him to help get dinner rolling. Miss priss is demanding juice in her sippy along with wanting to watch snow white. I get her situated so she can sit calmly as we get dinner ready. Mr husband hands little man back over to me as I set the table and he goes out to grill the burgers.

545pm- As soon as he comes in with the meat ready to eat little man shows us he needs food pronto! So I delay eating my nice warm dinner to place spoonfulls of mushy green beans into a hungry little boys mouth. After he is done I sit down to a slightly warm burger and enjoy my food until Miss priss decides she is done and starts to complain.

6pm- wrap up dinner, Mr husband starts on the dishes, I take little man to get ready for the kids bath. I try to undress a little bucking bronco as he squirms ,rolls and kicks the entire time I am undressing him. I place him in the bath and his big sissy joins moments later. Little man poops in the bath, Miss priss freaks out, drain water, lets try this again. Miss priss dumps an entire cup of water on the bathroom floor, ok bath time is done.

630-kids are dressed ready for FHE. get out the blanket, sit down sing a hymn. Trying to have Miss priss point out who is Joseph Smith and who is Jesus in the pictures ( first vision lesson) she decides to be smart and call everyone father and laughs to herself like she is a comedian. Finally we get her to cooperate. Time for closing song, we thank the oh God for a prophet, closing prayer, we try to have her calm down for the prayer by sitting on my lap, she decided to throw her head back and hit me in the face,ouch... enough said

7pm- Time for bed, we all go upstairs, crud. . . we forgot to get the kids night time bottles, I go back downstairs, make bottles and come upstairs to find this. . . .

once again it's all worth it, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday best. . .

I am optimistic this little girl will be happier next Sunday on our way out to church. How could something so cute be so sad?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't worry be happy

I am a worry wart. I seriously worry about everything. I also think everything bad will happen to me or my family, like sickness, lice, swine flu, everything. I am trying to change this, I try to. .

Not worry about if the car will break down, but be happy it is working great today.
Not stress about finanaces, instead be optimistic it will all work out.
Not think about what illness could come into our lives but get out and enjoy the health we have.
Not fear the crime in the world involving our family but have faith in the safty I pray for daily.
Not think about death ever taking someone I love but view everyday as a gift.

There is too much bad in the world to sit and worry about what might or might not happen. All this worry can remove you from the present and all that is good in the moment you are living right now. It will all work out. There is a great plan, we are part of it, each special and unique with a big part to play. I feel the need to soak up each second because my kids are growing up before my eyes, things are constantly changing and by worrying I accomplish nothing. So don't worry, be happy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What blogging is to me,

I once had someone say they thought blogs were only for people to get attention or try to make themselves look good, or happy. I don't agree. I think blogs can be a place to keep and make friendships. A place to learn as I visit craft blogs or a place to grow as others share their journey on their blog. A place to share my testimony and gain from others testimonies. A place to record all that is going on in my life and remember the blessings all around me along with the good times and a chance to keep in touch with family that may be states away. I love to know that friends are doing well and see the blessings in their lives, it makes me truely happy that they are happy. Or to see someone is going through something hard makes it easier to step in and help or comfort. Thanks to everyone who blogs and shares their life with me, it really brings me joy.Blogging is what you make of it and my blogging is pleasently optimistic if you ask me. Enjoy your weekend blogging friends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

with fronds like these who needs anemones

Growing up I really had the greatest friends surrounding me. Once 7th grade started there was this group of girls that were inseperable. These girls knew me and liked me for who I was. . . .
These are girls that I share some of the fondest memories with. . .

These girls made me laugh and made me feel included at a time in life when that's so important.These are girls who had a sleepover almost every Friday night even if it was 10 girls. . . These are girls who when others thought I was weird, with them I fit right in ( don't ask questions about the picture below, if you know these girls you understand if you don't please don't judge and move on to the next picture:) J i wanted to call to okay this with you but your phone was broken,please don't hate me, besides you are a twig and make even a flesh colored leotard look good!

These are girls who were good example and introduced me to the church. Girls who lived what they knew was right and we're not afraid to share what they loved. . and I love you all for that.
I can remember trips to the mall, filebertos, going t peeing, laying out in the sun all summer long, borrowing clothes, dancing, dressing up as boys, laughing together, crying together, swimming, science camp, cheerleading, sleepovers, diaries, ms. Wagner, student council, Goldens beach house, gangster names and FUN.
These are girls who have kids the same age as my kids and are going through the same experiences and offer me advice that I cherish and words of comfort on hard days. . .These are girls who have been there for me throughout the years. . .
These are girls that I know I can turn to today if I were ever in need of a good friend ( and often do turn to them). . .
These are girls that I love and adore and am grateful to still have them as friends today. I love that I can sit and talk with these old friends and pick up right where we left off even if it has been years. These are girls I can call when I'm having a bad day. These are girls I can get together with and know I am in for a good time and uplifing conversation. These are girls that have my back and I have theirs no matter what. I love you all and wish we were all just a few streets away like years ago, thanks for being my friend and bringing so much joy into my life over the years. I hope you all enjoyed all the old pictures.xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't worry be happy

hmmm. . . "HAPPY " hour at Sonic.
I am "happy" To have bff, a route 44 strawbery sprite and a $1 chicken sandwitch no mayoThe toddlers are "happy" together in the back of the car enjoying a picnic just the two of them And the babies, well the are "happy" being held of course. Thank you Sonic for your " HAPPY" hour, it sure made us happy!