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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Day With The Ones I Love Most. . . .

Today was wonderful, Porter had the day off from work and we had a full day of family time and zero work. It was special to us. When Porter is home since he is a morning person he wakes up with Elizabeth and lets me sleep in along with Reed who sleeps in (after he has eaten 3 times during the night I might add. . .) so I slept in today and then our family of four went to Casa Grand and met my dad (or poppy as I nicknames him in high school and what Elizabeth calls him) and my little brother Steve and his girlfriend Shay joined along for lunch at Olive Garden. Casa Grand is a great middle for us to meet anyone from Mesa so we were able to spend time there and then after we went shopping at the shops there for some pre Christmas deals. It was fun! We then went to toys r us on our way home since they were having some good sales and bought the movie UP. We came home and all got ready for bed and in our p.j.s and cuddled up to a movie. What a cute movie it is! Elizabeth has been in such a sweet stage right now. . . she is such a cuddly little girl and sat with either Porter or me the entire movie cuddling close. Lately she will stop what she is doing whether it be playing with toys or watching a movie and will come up and just hug on me. It has been really special and I hope she never outgrows how affectionate she is. And Reed. . . .my sweet Reed who will take any attention with a smile and be self entertained and calm when his sissy is demanding mommas time. Every second I get to just sit and hold this baby boy is priceless. Having two kids 18 months apart is tricky for that reason. . . she is still really young and still wants to be held, carried and occupied a lot of the time and I love giving her attention and spending time with her but I have to find a common balance each day so I can bond with little Reed who I can tell is going to be mr. independent. It may sound weird but I like when he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. it is time just me and him while the world is asleep and I can take all his baby boy goodness in without a distraction at all. I will say with less sleep due to nursing, having to watch certain foods for Reeds digestive problems and Elizabeth becoming more and more sassy I have felt a little overwhelmed here and there about household chores that are not done, or Christmas projects I want to make or even trying to plan out dinners for our family for the next week or two but then I can across this quote on my friend alexas blog. . . . "Anybody can handle the battles of just ONE day. It is when we add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow that we break down. Let us live one day at a time." this girl alexa is amazing by the way and could use your prayers at this time. . . click on Chellis and Alex from people we adore to be inspired by her wonderfulness thru these trying times her sweet family are facing. But that quote has been going thru my head a lot and I really feel I can put my heart into each day when you look at it this way and give each day your all without worrying about the past or what is to come. (THANKS ALEXA for sharing that I LOVE YOU!). So anyways back to our day. . . after the movie Porter took Elizabeth to bed and was upstairs for a while while I took a nap with Reed and he so kindly captured one of my favorite moments with my son. and then to my surprise I came upstairs to find our dirty room spotless and the bed made. I cant tell you how nice it was. . . being that I am the one always cleaning up the same messes after everyone it was so refreshing to come into a room that was put together when I thought it was another task I needed to. I really do love my sweet husband and everything he does for me and our family. Anyone who knows me knows I would be very hard to live with 24/7. a week easy. . . a month pushing it but 4 years now we have been married and he still thinks I'm amazing even though he has seen my many colors ( some are not too pretty!) and he never fails to let me know how great he thinks I am when really he is the great one. We were made for each other, and that's that. Well here is my one picture to a great day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

For Haloween our kids were. . . . Our little frog. . .

Our Little princess. . .

We had a great time going trick or treating at our ward party. We all went to a park and each family set up a blanket and all the small kids went from blanket to blanket. . . .Elizabeth loved it

Kinda bizarr. . . two days before Halloween I was unloading the trunck and yelled for Ported to come quick. Why you ask. . . because there was a huge trianchula digging in the dirt next to our drive way!!! he caught it to get a good look.

My frog. . . I mean prince
Our family we went out and about Halloween night. Elizabeth loved trick or treating. . . she got the hang of it real quick. She walked the entire block and didn't ask to be held once. We kept asking her if she wanted to go home and she would say no. She loved coming home and digging thru her candy. Although she thought her candy pale was called trick or treat. she ate about 10 dum dums last night alone along with trying whoppers for her first time. It was really fun having her be a little older this year, and I know next year will be even more fun with both our kids running around together. Sweet Reed sat quietly the entire night just amazed with the lights ( suprisingly a lot of people decked out their houses for Halloween). As she went to sleep and Porter and I binged on her candy I realized this parenting thing is really working out for me. I sure love my sweet children.
My sweet aunt katie, who is like a second mother to me, sent the kids giftcards for Halloween so we went and let Elizabeth pick out a toy at Target. Well after about an hour in one isle that is only pink we finally made her make a decision. . . she picked this doll to take in the bath along with a outfit ( i have to admit the outfit was my choice after she picked the doll). Reed got a baby record book so I can journal his milestone moments. Thanks Katie, WE LOVE YOU!