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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

welcome 2012

up late typing with one hand, the other cradles my baby Collette. The days are going by so quickly. Collette is a round, bubbly, happy little girl who wants to be awake all hours so she doesn't miss the excitement that is always taking place within the walls of our home. I love that I never know what each day will bring..... what new story from Elizabeth, what new imaginary play from Reed and if Collette will finally let out that giggle I am so badly waiting to hear. We are busy, none the less, these three little ones don't quite clean up after themselves..... but they are so helpful in their own little ways. Miss Elizabeth usually performs some random dance for us every night and Reed usually joins in towards the end. She is showing more and more that she is just a kind hearted little girl. She is so sweet to her siblings and can be such a peacemaker when she wants to be. She told me tonight that when I get upset and yell at her then she won't tell me I'm her best friend but I really still am, best friends indeed we are, but her mother above all of course. Reed is saying all sorts of sentences these days but my favorite was when I walked into his room one night as I heard him crying and he said,''mommy, I NEED you..." You better believe that received an award and he slept in my bed that night.... and of course he now says it all the time. Love my mommas boy. As soon as daddy walks into the door Reed is right there ready to wrestle. Porter and Reed taunt each other by saying,"you want a piece of me" back and forth. And let's not forget itty bitty Collette with cheeks as round as the moon and a smile that lights up the room. She gets so much attention everywhere we go.... she is a doll. She is such a joy to have in our home and so different from Elizabeth and Reed. Everything I knew about babies with my first two has gone out the window with this little girl. She is more needy than the rest of them and gets fussier more often but she is so cute at the same time its no fuss at all. Really it just boils down to when she is awake she wants to have social interaction the whole time of else she grunts and it turns into crying. Elizabeth and Reed are AWESOME when it comes to this because they love to lay by her and give her all the attention she wants and needs. I love the sibling relationship, it is so cute and special. On another note.... the holidays came and went and were as wonderful as could be. I loved the extra time we had as a family at home and going around town. With all the fun in our home there of course is the fact that things are busy and hard at times. I feel like I have been a complainer lately and it is bugging me. Obviously 3 kids is work but I don't know why I feel like I need others to notice and mention that I am working hard. I know I work hard, and it really doesn't matter if other people notice or care now does it. I think as moms or at least me as a mom we don't see our hard work as an outcome like some things in life come out. We do the laundry and bam the basket is full again..... we do the dishes and next thing we know it's dinner time and the sink is full again..... we sweep we mop we dust and it comes back nothing to show but most importantly we play, we laugh, we tickle, we read, we watch, we love, we explain, we teach, we cry, we hug, we kiss, we cuddle, we enjoy our little ones and that is where our hard work is focused and no we do not see it like a finished essay or painting... our hard work we invest in our children is developing them little by little into great outcomes. With things so busy I have a hard time reaching goals from day to day and it weighs on me and makes me feel like I am not accomplishing much but I sit back and remember I am, I am tackling loving 3 kids 4 and under who are very needy and very appreciative of the love I give..... They soak it up like sponges, and I love the hair that needs braiding, the shoes that need tieing, and the diaper that needs changing. There really is no where I would rather be or anything else I would rather be doing so I don't know why I feel the need to complain from time to time. I am blessed, I know I am and I have kids who amaze me everyday and a husband who reminds me whenever we are together that June 3rd 2005 was the best decision I ever made.... so here is to no more complaining and continuing on in my motherhood journey with a better attitude this new year!
and here are my new years resolutions... now that they are written I can better be held accountable for them...... striving to hit 12 personal goals every day for 2012 in hopes of a more organized day.....
1. scriptures
2. morning and evening prayer
3. light exercise 6days a week
4. minimum of 15 minutes quiet time for each child individually
5. home made dinner all weekday nights
6. front room and kitchen tidy before bed
7. 30 minutes towards a personal project daily (journal, craft, sewing...)
8. one load of laundry a day, no less no more ( it could take over ones whole week!)
9. read something church based with Porter each night
10. drink minimum of 64oz water daily
11. minimum of 5 servings or fruits/veggies daily
12. actively search some way to serve someone daily