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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Friday, October 30, 2009

A letter to my son . . .

My baby Reed,
Is there any way you could just stay my baby forever?? Please? You are the sweetest baby ever. You are nothing but smiles. Last night after I fed you, you spit up and were gagging a little bit, I quickly started patting your back and I turned on the light to help you, with milk spit up coming out of you mouth and nose as soon as you saw me in the light you gave your momma the biggest smile. I love you, oh how I love you and your sweet blue eyes. I can tell by the type of personality you show that as soon as you can crawl and walk you are going to be very independent. I fear the days you will crawl up the stairs, jump off the kitchen table or learn anything can really be a hammer.You will not be the sweet baby I could once hold in my arms and cuddle with as I please and although I look forward to you growing and learning new things I will miss holding my baby boy. You are so wonderful and I feel so blessed to be your mother. But I am glad I have a little while to hold you close my baby
if you do not adore my son as of yet watch this video and you will see what a sweet baby he is:)

Elizabeth was sick

This has been a very hard week for me. This is the first time since I have become a mother to two that I have been sick, plus Elizabeth was sick as well. She has been really crabby and extreamly needy and it is really hard when I have a 3 month old who needs me to hold him. My patience has really been tested this week but at the same time it is really rewarding to be there for my daughter and knowing I am providing her the comfort she needs. The thing is she doesn't want even Porter to hold her, its only her momma she wants. Poor girl has been miserable and she was even moodier since we were stuck inside all week so she woulden't spread her germs. Tonight I could tell a big diffference in her and she was just being so sweet and back to herself. Elizabeth loves flowers. . . (very cute except she picks all the ones growing in our backyard) Porter brought flowers home for Elizabeth to help her feel better. . . .bonding with her brother since she had no friends this week. . . .

Elizabeth ,Reed and I stayed in comfy cloths all week long. . . .
Notice the E on her shirt that I made for her and sewed on. It is her favorite shirt and I hve to get stains out each time I wash it. The letter E is the only letter she knows but she is so proud to point to it and say E.
We spent the week coloring. . . her new obsession, she could color for hours. . . .
And since she had no friends this week ( we miss you bryson) her baby doll became her constant companion. She ate breakfast with her baby. . . . She took baths with her baby. . .
She even slept with her baby but it wasn't worth the picture to possibly wake her. I am so glad she is feeling better, my sweet Elizabeth. Here is a video of her and her colors. . .she is so smart, she now can also count to 13 and knows most shapes. Her colors she has known since 17 months.

Monday, October 26, 2009

several new posts. . . scroll down!!!

Where have I been you ask??? Reading food lables. Baby Reed has a food allergy and since I am breastfeeding I need to eliminate whatever it is so his poop isnt green and mucousy anymore. B.T.W. if anyone else has had this problem please leave suggestions. First I went to the doctor and they thought it was milk/soy allergy so I cut all milk and soy out for 2 weeks, nothing changed. So now I need to cut out all things that are common allergies for infants. . . milk, soy, nuts, chocolate, wheat, eggs, and caffine. The thing i it can be a combination of different things he is allergic to so I need to go off them all and then once this symptoms clear up then I can add then one at a time to see what he reacts to. It take a lot of time and energy!!! any tips let me know!!! and I have many more posts so please scroll down!

A trip to the cabin

We went up to Porters parents cabin this weekend so Porter could work with his brothers to help his dad build an addition to their cabin. . . . Porter really enjoyed working side by side with his brothers. 5 out of the 6 boys were able to come help their dad this weekend. . .plus his brother in law, cousind and uncles too. I am so greatful to have a husband who is a hard worker. He is the hardest worker I know and is such a handy man, he amazes me with the tasks he can accomplish. I love you Port.

Little miss Elizabth got to know her cousins a bit better and she sure loves them. Here she is with Luke. . but she calls him Looch. Looch is 6 months older then Elizabeth and the two of them look like they are siblings. Both look very Williams.
The following day Julie and Brad made it to the cabin with Kate (who is 9 months older then Elizabeth) and Eliza ( who is 4 days older then Reed). Elizabeth and Kate went around holding hands and walking around outside. So cute these girls.

More pictures of miss Elizabeth. . .

My favorite time on this entire trip was when Elizabeth and I, just the two of us sneaked away from the crowd to the back portch, where there hung a swing. mother and daughter hand in hand we sat and swung together. Reed was asleep, daddy was working and the girls were bonding. We could have done that all day and we both would have been completely content.I love you sweet Elizabeth and the little cuddle bug you are.

And this is how you can find me at some point each day. Both babies needing their mamma, and I am more then happy to sit and cuddle:) These are my favorite times. I had a great time at the cabin with my sister in laws and mother in law. These are amazing women who I love dearly.

She had so much fun getting dirty with her cousins outside!!! She loved throwing dirt. . . mostly onto Lukes head, sorry luke!!!

Baby Reed and his wonderful grandma. Porter and his mom look so much alike!

I loved having a weekend away with the ones I love most.

Tucson Fair

We went to the fair here in Tucson with some good friends last weekend. The kids were too small for all the rides except for the carosel. . . .

And I of course had time to keep baby Reed close while Porter ran around with little Elizabeth

Here they are playing a game and trying to win a "mamo" a.k.a. "nemo"

And she did it!!! She doesn't look happy but she is:)

I love the fall!! The cooler whether is much needed.

Learning to can fruit

This was A great experience for me. I canned all this fruit in one weekend, with Porters help of course. It was great. . .we canned peaches,pears, rasberry pie filling, apple pie filling, apple butter and apples!!

Potty Training 101

This my friends is a love/hate relationship. I love saving $40 a month on diapers, but I hate potty training a princess. The first two days were awesome!!!. . . she went 5 hours each day with no accidents and loved to go on her singing little potty. But then the weekend was over and I had to drop everything and take her without Porters help and that is just hard when you have a little boy who needs to be fed every 3 hours on the dot. Not to mention she drinks liquids like crazy!!! She seriosly goes pee pee every 20 minutes, sometimes more! I think I need Reed to be a little more independent before I can fully committ to this potty buisness. She usually really likes to go though but not every 20 minutes like she needs to. Her little potty sings once she goes pee pee so she usually stops peeing to dance and then we have to tell her,"more more, go more Elizabeth" and she finishes. Silly girl, I love you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A walk in the park

We spent the day as a family and went to a park with a little lake/pond. We saw turtles while we were there and enjoyed the cooler wheather and being together. And Reed just hung out smiling the entire day as usual, I love this boy!

A name and a blessing

My baby Reed,
What a wonderful baby you are. I have never met a more perfect baby. You never cry, or fuss at all. you are so happy whenever anyone is holding you but you kick like crazy. If you could you would be up and running with your sissy. Reedy boy, momma loves you so and loves what a happy boy you are. If i even make eye contact with you you beam with joy. If anyone else is holding you your eyes travel across the room to follow me and watch your momma. I love you so my son. You are such a joy to have in our family:) Your daddy gave you the sweetest blessing and I am excited to watch you grow and learn from the great man who is your father. You are so wonderful my baby boy.
love, momma

Getting ready for church

Dont ask me why I love for us to match when we go to church. . . .but for some reason it is one of my favorite things to coordinate!!! And I can finally freench braid Elizabeths hair, now just getting her to keep it in is another story:)


One of Porters best friends came to visit along with his wonderful wife Shanel and adorable little girl Halie!!! We adore this family and always have such a great time when we are together. Now that our girls are a little older ( Elizabeth is one month older then Halie) they play so well and are so darn cute together. Thanks guys for coming to Tucson!! While at the zoo we had a great time. . . we went to feed the giraffs but the zoo keeper said they were closing the feeding station right as we walked up to feed them. We were so disapointed and Porter even tried explaining that our friends are here from California and would really love to feed the animals but he said no. About 15 minutes later the zoo keeper finds us and asks if we were the group from California, we said yes and then he took us behind a gate and showed us where the giraffs sleep at night. He also took us to the giraffs from the employee enterance and we got to feed all three giraffs in our own private feeding. They were so close and the girls had so much fun being so close to such large creatures!! What a fun experience we had, it seriously made our day!!!

enjoy this little video of the girls having fun!!!