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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Reed K. Williams

July 6th 2009

My Son,Today was a miracle. Today at 3:21 PM you came into my life weighing 6lbs 8oz and being 20 inches long. As soon as I saw you and you were placed on my stomach hearing the sounds of your first cry, I instantly felt the need to comfort you and I fell right in love with your big blue eyes. Baby boy you are so precious and I am so blessed to have you as my son. Your sweet dad has had you in his arms the entire day and just adores you as his son. Your big sister is very curious about you and wants to be right by your side at all times. I am just in awe at how handsome you are and how you look nothing like your sister. Your strawberry blond hair was such a suprise and we hope you keep it as you get older. Your big blue eyes are breathtaking and you are such a sweet boy. You have only cried about twice since born and you just look around completely content with life. You my son are so precious to me and although we dont have a name for you I dont need a name to call you my own and know that the love I have for you is eternal. Sweet boy thank you for making this day so special and coming to our family. I promise to be the best mom I can be and love you unconditionally. I am excited to watch you grow and see you interact with your sweet sister. I am excited to teach you all I know and be there for you as your mother. I hope you know how loved you are little boy. We are so greatful for you and the joy you are brining to our family with your sweet spirit. Mommy adores you, welcome to our family little boy.love, mommy