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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't worry be happy

I am a worry wart. I seriously worry about everything. I also think everything bad will happen to me or my family, like sickness, lice, swine flu, everything. I am trying to change this, I try to. .

Not worry about if the car will break down, but be happy it is working great today.
Not stress about finanaces, instead be optimistic it will all work out.
Not think about what illness could come into our lives but get out and enjoy the health we have.
Not fear the crime in the world involving our family but have faith in the safty I pray for daily.
Not think about death ever taking someone I love but view everyday as a gift.

There is too much bad in the world to sit and worry about what might or might not happen. All this worry can remove you from the present and all that is good in the moment you are living right now. It will all work out. There is a great plan, we are part of it, each special and unique with a big part to play. I feel the need to soak up each second because my kids are growing up before my eyes, things are constantly changing and by worrying I accomplish nothing. So don't worry, be happy!

4 notes:

Tara said...

Karla...are you reading my mind? I worry way too much! And it drives Wes nuts! I literally just made a post very similar to this last week, but never published it ha. Glad I finally found your blog!!! Thanks for emailing me back!

K & L said...

You are so right! I'm the same.. I worry about things that might not ever happen! Then I have anxiety because my life is passing me by, ha. I'm with you. Let's just enjoy our blessings!

TrishAnderson said...

Well said. I think many people sit and worry and then what is life to them. Get out and enjoy it! You deserve it!!!!

David and Shalynna said...

I worry about every single thing in the universe. The perfect way to describe my mind is this...

I feel like I am so blessed and that my life is so wonderful that something bad just has to happen. Like it wouldn't be fair for me to feel so blessed? So, I'm always waiting for something big and bad to happen to me. It's pretty unhealthy to think this way.

Thanks for the optimistic and uplifting tips! I should definitely change the way I look at some things.