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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I should not watch TV

so I like to watch the Bachelorette....It is one of my MANY imperfections..... but I love the show. Last night as I watched I thought to myself," I wish my husband was this cute to me, or did this, or said that." I get like that sometimes....you know ....stupid girl syndrome. Then today Elizabeth wanted to watch our wedding video. It just so happens we celebrated our 5 YR anniversary while on our recent Cali trip. So we put in the video and I cried for the 100th time watching it and I saw that sweet, innocent, new love that I saw in my lame show the previous night but I saw so much more. I saw an eternal love and today I see an evolved love. I see a man who may not surprise me with roses but a man who takes the kids early in the morning on the weekends so mom can sleep.( so much better then roses) A man who stays up late to have time with me even if he has to wake up with the sun the next day. A man who loves me with the 30 lbs I gain and TRY to loose each pregnancy, and a man who adores me thru and thru and who isn't afraid to show it. I forget that this marriage of mine is REAL not some TV show, and that although everyday may not have some blog worthy story it still adds to the pages of my love story that I am so lucky to be a part of. I am blessed.

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Oh, this is so true. I find myself comparing my relationships and marriage with silly tv shows too! Good for you for recognizing what you were doing and stopping!

☂niki said...

this was sweet kar. and so true. thanks for inspiring me.

Alexa Mae said...

beautiful karla! i love that elizabeth likes to watch your wedding video. i also love that your guilty pleasure is the bachelorette!

Sarah said...

That is really sweet and so good that you can see this perspective.

I too, am secretly watching that show, love it!

Keep watching that wedding video!