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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why do I fight you?

Because I'm prideful

Because I am not perfect.

Because you are close to me and will always listen.

Because I PMS.

Because I am a girl.

Because I have hard days.

Because I know you will always make things better once I get this anger out!
Because you love me enough to fight me to reslove things. You never go to bed angry or walk away from anything that needs to be resolved. You will put your whole heart and soul into seeing that I am happy again. I don't fight you to see this passion from you but I sure do always appreciate it.

I hate when we fight, it is mostly on my end when it does happen, but I will say I love when we make up.

There is no excuse for my bickering with my best friend. I'm sorry my love. I will be better. Thank you for always being optimistic when I am not so optimistic. That is why this works, me and you, when one of us is down the other stands high to pull the other one up. It is wonderful in the sense that we learn to always rely on one another. Love you Mr husband.

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Cam and Mele said...

sometimes I think we "fight" so we are reminded of how much we really love and appreciate our best friend. Thanks for this:)

SloneFamily said...

I am glad to read that you openly admit that fights are usually started by Your own stresses. That is so me! Love the picture.... you guys are cute :)

Did you get my text????

Annie said...

what a cute pic!
fighting stinks but it happens...in all relationships.
making up is the best part.

britney said...

Thank you for this post! Im so glad that you chose to blog about imperfections. It gets a little disheartening reading every one elses' "perfect life" blogs. Makes me feel like I'm the only one without the "perfect life". It brings things back down to earth. Thanks!

Shannon said...

ahhhh, you couldn't have put it better. thanks once again for helping me see the good in the bad...you're awesome.

p.s. my brother and his little family just moved to "surprise" (?) i am betting porter will be getting a call soon to meet up! nicki-his wife-is a newer convert as well and such a sweetie, i think you guys woul dget along great!

TrishAnderson said...

You two are so cute! Josh never fights with me. I can be in the worst mood or make a HUGE mistake and he still remains positive. For example - somehow I missed paying the electric bill. I was going to balance the checkbook today and get it paid before it got disconnected - thinking tomorrow was the disconnect date. When I realized last night at midnight that today was the disconnect day I freaked out. He just said, Its ok. (I couldn't sleep because of not paying it and got it resolved when they opened at 7am so no worries). However, I had the thought that maybe if he would just yell at me once I would somehow feel better about my mistake. But because he is so nice to me - no matter what - I feel even worse! Glad you guys can work it out; that is what is so important!