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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is pure optimism

Love Is Pure Optimism

The day we met we talked about lice.
I was out with one of your friends and you picked me up, that wasn't very nice.

But I'm glad you did because we belong together.
And where we are in life we couldn't be better.
The day of our wedding seemed like eternity away.
And you being 2 hours away I missed you each and every day.

It was a trial to be engaged almost a year,
but with you now in my life I suddenly had no fear.

I found my prince charming my best friend my man.
I still promise to make you as happy as I can.

The day of our wedding it was about me and you in His house,
oh what a day to finally be your spouse.

You became mine and I became yours,
we could finally move my clothes into your dresser drawers. . . . .
With our life together trials come and go
but we always stick together so our love can blossom and grow.

With the death of my mom you held me so close,
that was the time I know I needed you most.

A few years just the two of us, boy it flew by quick.
A house, trip to Hawaii and then came the positive on the pee stick.

Planning and painting we worked side by side.
To welcome this child our joy and our pride.

To see you hold this little baby girl so innocent and sweet
I knew is wouldn't be long before another child we would meet

Oh how you danced and shouted for joy,
the day you were told our second would be a boy.

Just like the first delivery you were by my side thru and thru,
Oh how times are that much sweeter when shared with you. . . .

With Christ as our center , we have so much joy
especially now with one girl and one boy.

I must have done something right along the way
to be so lucky to wake up to you every day.

You make me smile and laugh till I cry
and then you are there to wipe my tears dry.

Never for a second have I doubted your love,
its something as pure as the sunshine from above.Thank you for being the man that you are
I have enjoyed every beautiful second with you so far. . . .

5 notes:

tHe ApPeLs said...

that is so sweet. and all those pictures are gorgeous!

K & L said...

Soooo CUTE! I love you guys :) Happy Valentines Day!

Alexa Mae said...

love it kar! you are so sweet. what a cute couple you two make. xoxo

Amanda said...

You are so sweet. This is my favorite line: You make me smile and laugh till I cry and then you are there to wipe my tears dry.

TrishAnderson said...

Ahhhhh, that is so beautiful!!!