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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was eventful. My Dad and brother, Steve, spent the night Christmas eve and spent Christmas with us!!! My dad bought Elizabeth an adorable pink kitchen and we were all so excited to see her face Christmas morning as she first saw it, but. . . . . we all woke up to find little Elizabeth already down stairs playing with all her gifts!!!! I got the kids matching pjs for the morning. . . blue stripes and pink!

I got him this to shave off his temporary hideoderous mustache.
Her new baby doll and stroller. This is her new favorite baby because it has a diaper, she can take her in the bath and she has a bottle that she drinks out of and goes wee wee.

Here is her adorable pink kitchen from poppy (my dad)
My dad and brother, and yes anyone I went to elementry with , he is wearing an old field falcon tee shirt. he is so stinkin skinny he fits in the same shirt he did then!
The family!

And here is my sweet, adorable saint of a child with his gift. . .

Church the Sunday before Christmas

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☂niki. said...

that pic of porter and the razor makes me laugh. it reminds me of the year i got boyd a new wallet bc his old one was huge and totally stuck way out of his pocket and when he opened it up he called me a brat bc he didn't want a new wallet. ha.