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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An account of the day

I am really trying to think about reading this years down the road and the little things I will miss and want to remember about a normal day when my children were younge so I thought I would blog about our day. Today has just been a normal day, I woke up and had my one on one time with Reed around 8 and miss Elizabeth joined us about 9:30 (nothing tops a toddler who sleeps in everyday!) I was called by a friend to come play but decided to go for a walk before. . .went to start my car and it wouldent start, bummer! With baby Reed we didnt have maternity coverage on our insurance plan so we are paying our medical bills right now and boy howdy it is a kick in the pants, any extra money is going to this and it seems as if our other bills are going up. . . we have no idea why our water bill was $211.oo last month!!! So the thought of having to fix our car is just worrysome. So i cancel the playdate and get to cleaning the house meanwhile thinking of all these fun projects I would like to start and Christmas gift ideas I would like to start getting together but I feel the stress of not having the extra money at this time until we get these bills paid. It is just frusterating to want to grow and develope talents and skills but feeling guilty doing so with other financial obligations. So the day goes on and I notice Reed getting more and more fussy and realize my milk isnt coming in when he is feeding, so I pump and pump and pump and get a measly 2 ounces when I can usually get 4 oz. It didnt get better as the day went on with my milk. Porter gets home, trys to mow the lawn, the mower wont start for him ( when it rains it pours) but then he thankfully fixes the car and it started for him so that was a huge relief. Elizabeth played in the backyard and didnt want to come inside from her awesome activity (dont ask me why putting rocks into the dogs pool is such a fun activity?) but she was all smiles during this. I made chicken sandwitches for dinner with squash ( grown in our own garden I might add, pics to come we also have 4 watermelons growing!!) and after dinner we gave Reed and Elizabeth a bath.

Sweet Reed loves bath time. He kicks and kicks and that is when we get the most smiles out of our little 8 week old boy. Elizabeth loves when she can help and is amazed everytime he pees since he is a boy and lays on his back for bath it is quite a different show then when she goes:) Next Porter takes Reed to dress and swaddle him for bed and I take E lizabeth for bath. She knows all her colors and has since 17 months. She now hands me things and says what colors they are as opposed to pointing to things certain colors when I ask her to find a color. We have a bubble blowing machine and we turned that on tonight at bath time. As her bath came to an end she said ,"bye bye bubbles" as they went down the drain. She then came with me and I dressed her in some pink polkadot jammies and the four of us all ended up in our bed. We all watched a little t.v. together and I did pigtail french braids in Elizabeths hair just to see if it was possible and it is and it is so cute. We then sang I am a child of God ( Elizabeth mouths every word but wont make a sound) and said a family prayer. Elizabeth gave each of us a kiss and waved night night as Porter layed her down for bed as he does every night. Next we fed & burped and put to bed Reed and Porter and I relaxed with a big bowl of brownies and ice cream as he read some info on a seminar he is attending this weekend and I looked on the computer. Both just silent but happy to be side by side. We got ready for bed and said some prayers and I felt like I wanted a priesthood blessing (It is our belief in the LDS (Mormon) religion that the Priesthood that Jesus Christ had is still on the earth today. The Savior ordained his Apostles and they in turn ordained those individuals that they deemed worthy. During a visitation from Peter, James and John (who each received the Priesthood from Jesus Christ), Joseph Smith was ordained with the Priesthood. Each worthy male member of our church who has been ordained with the Priesthood can trace his priesthood lineage directly back to the Savior, Himself. In a Priesthood blessing, the worthy priesthood holder listens for inspiration on behalf of the individual receiving the blessing and verbalizes what he feels needs to be said. It is upon the faith of the individual receiving the blessing that the gifts, promises, and words contained therein come to pass. The blessing is a way for our Heavenly Father to communicate to individuals seeking blessings, guidance, and help through worthy men who hold the Priesthood). and I wanted a blessing regarding my lack of milk for baby Reed. Porter spoke a wonderful blessing that comforted me about my milk as well as not to worry about paying these bills and it will not affect your desires to further your talents and skills ( I might mention I had not said a single word to him about the frustration I was thinking about with this situation earlier that day). The blessing also advised that as things get hectic that I practice patience and turn to prayer in these times and that my children will learn from this and want to be as I am. What a wonderful end to a hectic day. And here I am at the close of another wonderful day with the ones I love most all peacfully sleeping while I keep track of the little things that make these days so special.

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Niki said...

This was a wonderful post! It is so important to document the everyday things that happen, because when we look back on them we realize that what was so ordinary at the time, is really, really special. Also, I wanted to suggest that you check your toilets to see if they are "running"--making noise, because they might need new stoppers and that could affect your bill going up. Ours went up a lot a few months ago, and that was happening with us, as well as the hose outside had been left on for days. I am so glad Porter was able to fix your car!!!