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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Days like today

Oh my sweet babies, it's days like today that I just can't get enough of your goodness. Nights like tonight that I just crawl into bed and talk with Elizabeth as she rubs my back and I run hers. I could just go pick up baby Reed right now and cuddle the night away. I spent nap time updating baby books for them and looking at baby pictures. It just reminded me what a blessing these little ones are to have. How I need to not take a minute of it for granted and how I need to document it all so I can go back and read about these little moments later when they are in those drive you crazy teenage years:) I wish my mom would have documented more, and now that she is gone I can't ask her about these stories but I just sit and imagine  that my childhood possessed the same sweetness and perfect moments that I share now days with my little ones. This will go in my second printed blog book and I hope as my children read this one day they know what special moments they had with their parents in their early childhood. Like last night in the middle of Elizabeth finishing dinner, as she sat in unders only, asked her daddy for a hug and at the same time Reed came hugging daddy from behind as tight as he could. Or just a few afternoons ago when I looked outside to see an older sister with her arm around her younger brother just looking into the yard. Things that make a moms heart melt. The one that really got me this week was walking into the living room to see Elizabeth saying a prayer on her knees with her arms folded and eyes closed asking her Father in heaven to bless the members in our family. I am so thankful for these sweet babies of mine. Better go..... mr husband is home with a gallon of ice cream and a red box :)

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TrishAnderson said...

Glad it was a great day and that you are finally feeling better. I love Elizabeth's costume (from your last post). You are certainly missed when you are not here and around. The times you describe sound heavenly. I also love moments like that. Last night we were having a grand time around the dinner table, somehow it turned into a bootie snacking smacking (not hard) fest. I thought my kids were hilarious. My mom worked full time when we were growing up and we didn't get a lot of play time with her. I cherish the moments I have with my kids. Good for you to keep a record of it all for them.