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Friday, January 22, 2010

What I hope 2010 holds for me

This year has already started out very busy. . . . I am determined to have some resolutions, or really as I see them goals, for this new year. I have been procrastinating sitting down and listing them one by one but after this talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, The Best is yet to Be, Ensign January 2010"Some of you may wonder: Is there any future for me? What does a new year or a new semester, a new major or a new romance, a new job or a new home hold for me? Will I be safe? Will life be sound? Can I trust in the Lord and in the future? Or would it be better to look back, to go back, to stay in the past?To all such of every generation, I call out, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Faith is for the future. Faith builds on the past but never longs to stay there. Faith trusts that God has great things in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the “high priest of good things to come” (Hebrews 9:11).Keep your eyes on your dreams, however distant and far away. Live to see the miracles of repentance and forgiveness, of trust and divine love that will transform your life today, tomorrow, and forever. That is a New Year’s resolution I ask you to keep."

After reading this I began thinking and I realize that to better myself, my family and my home I need to set some goals so I can be a better person for myself and for my family. so 2010 here you go. . .

1. On time to church! 9am is pretty early with two little ones but I know we can do it. The motivation for this comes from something a bishop said in a ward I was visiting," members come to partake of the sacrament and partake of the spirit that the meeting brings, be respectful and be on time to not disturb those who have been on time to feel of the peace this time brings to their week." I respect that. and since we have been on time this year thus far we have had the spirit stronger during the meeting and that I am indeed grateful for.

2. Make healthier food choices/ a little exercise here and there. . . Yes I would love a smaller booty and slimmer waist but that isn't my reason for this goal. With my mom passing away from cancer before she even became a grandma I realized I want to be here for my husband, children and grandchildren for as long as I can. My priorities are different these days, although a lower number on the scale would make me smile the fact that I am giving my body the nutrients and calories it needs to give me the energy to run around and be happy with wild kids and give my son the nourishment he needs with my milk and this train of thought has brought me happiness and blessing as I am following the word of wisdom closer and being obedient by treating my body with love and respect as Heavenly Father wants me to.

3. a clean house by 5pm with a load of laundry done. . . . although this seems like nothing to some or not important to some it makes a big difference in my home. As Porter comes home from a long day with the stresses of the world I know a clean house to walk into is refreshing and calming. I can see it on his face and feel it in our home. . . peace. and I have realized if I just do one load of laundry a day, wow it is manageable. I cant tell you how overwhelmed a day of laundry can bring!! Me putting clothes in nice piles and Elizabeth throwing these piles everywhere. Or clothes all being washed and then sitting around being mixed with dirty and everything having to be washed all over again. Just simple things to keep me on a schedule and everyone happy!
4. a trip to the Temple every other month. enough said
5. get up early. . . . a am soooo not a morning person. I have been trying to get up a little while before the kids so I have a little time to myself and get a few things done. With both kids being small and very needy I find it hard to do anything some days!!! and a lot of days have been overwhelming but that times gives me a head start.
6. Find joy in the journey. I am very pessimistic. My porter hates it. I will admit it puts me in a bad mood sometimes when I know I have so much to be happy about. If you have not read my old blog ( yes I am now doing 2 blogs, www.porterandkarla.blogspot.com is the other one and is not private but not as personal either) it is now dedicated to being more optimistic and finding something good in each day. It may have some repeats with this blog but oh well.

7. Time out for Elizabeth and Reed daily. Now I know you are thinking what?? Time out in a good way, I need to take time out of each day to spend uninterrupted quality time with each child and teach them new things as well during this time. This is important. I usually am doing 6 other tasks as I stop to dance with Elizabeth or read a quick story or pick her up from a fall just to finish the dishes. Each day each child needs time to have my undivided attention. That's why I stay home, so my children can feel loved and learn and grow from me as their mother and it takes time and energy to do this and I am committed to do so.

8. Save money. . . I usually think oh its only $10 for this or $10 for that but all those $10 things add up. We do not need material things to make us happy, nor do we have the money for such things so I am eating at home more, making things I cant afford and appreciating every $1 we have and watching where it goes.

I know there are so many other things I need to do to better myself but here is my start!

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David and Shalynna said...

It is probably because it is 5AM, but for some reason I missed the quotations in that first paragraph and thought to myself, "Wow, Karla wrote this very well. It's so profound." I though it kind of random that you were talking about Lot's wife until I realized it was part of the talk!

You are going to do great at these goals! I definitely need to work on some of the same ones myself. I didn't realize how laundry would be a much more frequent task after having a baby. I need to get in the habit of doing it a lot more than once a week!

Ashley Smith said...

Ah! I have been so bad at checking your blog since you went private- if its not staring me in the face that you've updated i just forget! Anyway, I love this post! You are so awesome and determined and such a great example to all! I have yet to even set goals for this year- i'm such a slacker- I'll have to start by just printing of this and going from there :). I love your christmas pictures and i got teary eyed reading about Elizabeth's sweet little heart. Such a beautiful family in so many ways

Brenden+Nikki said...

You're an amazing girl Karla! :) And you give me hope about making it to church on time. Ours starts at 8 and I only have one little one. So if you can do it with 2, there is hope!! :)


Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed the "poo" story! That is something you will have to tell her when she gets older. I KNOW she will appreciate that one. ha ha. I like your new blog...very cute. You're amazing for posting everyday. I can barely keep up with one. You are awesome! My goal this year is to post on Jim and Ola Mae's blog! The story about Elizabeth's compassion put tears in my own eyes...kids are so sweet. Wyatt has always been compassionate like that too. When will we see you next?? Talk to you soon!