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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My baby is 2

My sweet Elizabeth turned 2 on December 10th!! What a big girl. Last year on her birthday I was already pregnant with Reed and felt sick and didn't really get to focus on her special day but this year it was really sentimental for me for some reason. I kept thinking about that special day when she entered into our family just 2 short years ago and what a special time it was. How perfect she was in every way and how great it was to be a new mom. I am so thankful for this little girl and the patience she teaches me ha ha. . . She really is a blessing in our home. Here is a little about Elizabeth at 2 years. . Elizabeth loves. . .

1.Bryson Bryson Bryson, her BFF
2. animals, any and all
3. coloring in the bath, on paper, on her cheeks, anything
4.singing songs and learning new songs with actions
5. family home evening, she adores our game at the end hungry hungry hippos
6. cuddling with mom and watching movies
7. I dont know why but she watches the grinch everyday and loves this movie
8. stealing anything little brother has. . .binky, blanket, toy,anything has to be hers too
9. mac and cheese
10. her dog jack
11. her sippy cup is by her side constantly
12.jewelry, especially long necklaces she can take on and off
13. baby dolls, they always have to be naked though?
15. her pink cowgirl hat
16. swinging
17. walks
18. and of course her mommy and dada

Elizabeths latest accomplishments are:
1. she knows her colors including pink,brown,white. . .
2. she knows her shapes and sounds adorable when she says octogon, but its her favorite
3. she can count to 13
4. she can recognize and call out numbers up to 10
5. she san say her abc's
6. she sleeps in a big girl bed
7. she eats really well with a fork
8. she can do a summersault on her own
9.she is begging to speak really clearly and is starting to put words into sentinces

About a month ago we went to some cheap blabla bertos joint and we got our food and porter and i started eating right away just to have Elizabeth fold her arms in the middle of this restaurant and say,"prayer". It was so sweet to have this little innocent girl as our example that evening. Elizabeth is a sweet girl with a desire to do good. She is strong willed and watch out if you are not on the same page as her but she really is a joy to have in our home.
We celebrated her birthday by going to brysons for the day to play ( thanks jamie for the cake!) and then porter, reed, Elizabeth and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and toys r us after where she picked out a pink broom to take home that day. Happy Birthday Elizabeth girl, we love you!!

Here is a video of her counting 1-10 with one of her favorite books. . .

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Niki said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!