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Monday, October 26, 2009

Potty Training 101

This my friends is a love/hate relationship. I love saving $40 a month on diapers, but I hate potty training a princess. The first two days were awesome!!!. . . she went 5 hours each day with no accidents and loved to go on her singing little potty. But then the weekend was over and I had to drop everything and take her without Porters help and that is just hard when you have a little boy who needs to be fed every 3 hours on the dot. Not to mention she drinks liquids like crazy!!! She seriosly goes pee pee every 20 minutes, sometimes more! I think I need Reed to be a little more independent before I can fully committ to this potty buisness. She usually really likes to go though but not every 20 minutes like she needs to. Her little potty sings once she goes pee pee so she usually stops peeing to dance and then we have to tell her,"more more, go more Elizabeth" and she finishes. Silly girl, I love you!

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Christen said...

Hang in there. She can do it, she is just too excited about everything else. Every now and then I have to remind Eva that her movie or friends will be there when she comes back from pottying. I had to commit 3 whole days without leaving the house. It took about a week for Eva to get the hang of it. So HANG IN THERE. Oh, and peeing in front of the TV helped for the first little while. GOOD LUCK!!