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I am pessimistict, my husband hates it and sometimes it takes away from the happiness I have all around me and so. . . this blog is dedicated to finding something good in each day and being optimistic.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A name and a blessing

My baby Reed,
What a wonderful baby you are. I have never met a more perfect baby. You never cry, or fuss at all. you are so happy whenever anyone is holding you but you kick like crazy. If you could you would be up and running with your sissy. Reedy boy, momma loves you so and loves what a happy boy you are. If i even make eye contact with you you beam with joy. If anyone else is holding you your eyes travel across the room to follow me and watch your momma. I love you so my son. You are such a joy to have in our family:) Your daddy gave you the sweetest blessing and I am excited to watch you grow and learn from the great man who is your father. You are so wonderful my baby boy.
love, momma

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